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The nonprofit life cycle – Start-ups face challenges, opportunities

PSNsu16_1Every organization is different, but most nonprofits follow a somewhat predictable life cycle.  And just as they are for a child, the early years for organizations are full of important milestones. A nonprofit’s first steps can make the difference between a sustainable organization with the capacity to fulfill its mission and a floundering failure that fades out fast.
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PSNsu16_4Microsoft offers nonprofits free cloud services

Microsoft’s philanthropic arm has announced that it’ll donate $1 billion in cloud computing resources over the next three years to nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations worldwide. The donation is part of an initiative that includes providing a suite of Microsoft cloud services, expanding access to cloud resources for 900 faculty researchers at universities and reaching 20 underserved communities in 15 countries with broadband connectivity and cloud services.
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