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This issue’s “Newsbytes” spotlights a recent U.S. Supreme Court case striking down a California law requiring nonprofits to file a list of their large donors with the state and other states’ attempts to limit donor disclosure requirements. It reviews Amazon’s 2021 AWS Imagine Grant program to help nonprofits access its tools and explains how Charity Navigator’s website allows visitors to locate volunteer opportunities in their communities. Continue reading Newsbytes

Board designations — 3 questions to consider

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis have provided harsh reminders of how precarious a nonprofit’s financial stability can be. Uncertainty about the future is prompting some organizations to consider the wisdom of making board designations of unrestricted assets. Here are a few questions your organization might want to consider.
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Watching costs is always a smart investment

Both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations are looking for ways to conserve costs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting nationwide economic crisis. Many nonprofits looking for a path forward out of the pandemic have had to strategically cut costs to contain expenses. Here are some suggestions to help guide cost cutting for your organization. Continue reading Watching costs is always a smart investment

Tainted donor, tainted money? — How to handle controversial contributions

In 2019, as waves of lawsuits accused Purdue Pharma of knowingly contributing to the opioid crisis, numerous nonprofits announced they would no longer accept gifts from the Sackler family, several members of which owned the company. That same year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came under fire for accepting multiple donations from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Continue reading Tainted donor, tainted money? — How to handle controversial contributions


Recipients of COVID relief could run into surprise audits
The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which has offered 100% forgivable loans to eligible organizations, has provided critical support during the pandemic. But Accounting Today warns that nonprofit borrowers could unexpectedly find themselves undergoing “single audits” of their compliance with the federal program’s requirements. So could organizations that receive assistance under the recent American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Continue reading NEWSBYTES

Size counts

Your midsize or large organization might benefit from a CFO

As a nonprofit leader, you’re used to overseeing all aspects of your organization. However, you might think, at times, that having a financial expert run that side of the operation could be a plus. This might be true, but hiring a chief financial officer (CFO) is a weighty decision that can have a large impact on your organization. Continue reading Size counts

A year of COVID philanthropy: What it tells us going forward

Budgeting is always, to some degree, an exercise in uncertainty. But the current budgeting environment is unlike any experienced before. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many nonprofits have seen deep declines in revenue while the demand for their services has spiked. These and other pandemic-related factors may call for organizations to take a different approach to budgeting. This article discusses rolling budgets and reforecasting. A sidebar reflects on how nonprofits should budget for COVID-19-related expenses, such as sanitation-related services and employee assistance. Continue reading A year of COVID philanthropy: What it tells us going forward