Spring 2016

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Tread carefully this election season

Nonprofits need to exercise caution not to stray into political activities that could put their tax-exempt status on the line. This article describes permitted and prohibited political activities for 501(c)(3) organizations. A sidebar discusses lobbying limitations for 501(c)(3)s.

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Collaborative activities — Are you reporting them correctly?
More and more nonprofits are joining forces to better serve their client populations and cut costs. But such relationships can come with complicated financial reporting obligations. As this article explains, the organization’s reporting requirements will depend on the type of relationship the nonprofit enters, such as a collaborative arrangement, a merger, a new legal entity, or cessation of control without creation of a new legal entity.

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Your employee handbook — It may be time for a tune-up

An employee handbook sets the stage for many scenarios, from vacation requests and maternity leaves to performance reviews and termination procedures. As certain situations arise, knowing the rules can prevent surprise, confusion and resentment on both sides of the table. This article discusses the types of updating that may be required, including that involving some recent regulatory and legislative actions and trends.

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This issue’s “Newsbits” discusses study findings that report on public confidence in charities and their management of funds; an organization that offers pro bono marketing assistance to charities; and the IRS definition of “interested persons” for its Form 990’s Schedule L.

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